R4i Ndsill Introduction

R4i Ndsill & R4i Ndsill are SLOT-1 flash cards for NDS console series (R4i supports DSi). They are upgrade versions of R4 with multi-media features which can support GOLD and run most games and homebrews. They have widely been owned by many NDS player users.

R4i LL New can support 3DS the latest system 7.1.0-16 (2014-02-28)
  R4I LL New 3DS6.3.0-12J patch is released(2013-08-31)
  R4I LL New 3DS6.1.0-x patch is released(2013-07-17)
  R4I LL New can support 3DS5.1.0-11 without updating(2013-04-06)
  R4I LL New can support 3DS5.0.0-11 without updating(2013-03-26)
  R4I LL New 3DS4.5.0-10 & NDSi V1.4.5 patch is released(2012-12-13)
  R4I LL New can support 3DS44.0-10(2012-10-5)
  R4I LL New is released,which can support 3DS4.3.0-10(2012-8-4)
Pls download the latest kernel from the website of www.ndsill.net thanks.

2013-08-31  R4I LL New 3DS6.2.0-x patch is released.  
2013-07-17  R4I LL New 3DS6.1.0-x patch is released.  
2013-04-06  R4I LL New support 3DS5.1.0-11 & NDSi V1.4.5.  
2013-03-26  R4I LL New support 3DS5.0.0-11 & NDSi V1.4.5.  
2012-12-13  R4I LL New 3DS 4.5.0 & NDSi V1.4.5 patch has been released.  
2012-10-3  R4I LL New 3DS 4.4.0-patch has been released.

Kernel Updated:
1. FOS 2.60 is relased.(Jul 17,2013)
2. FOS 2.40 is relased.(Oct 24,2012)
3. FOS 2.40 is relased.(Oct 24,2012)
2. The new card can supported 3DS 4.4.0-10 &NDSi V1.4.4

Supports roms Multimedia files,or Homebrew games of any size form Internet
Directly Drags and drops all files into then microSD(TF) card from Computer
Plugs and plays in SLOP-1 without any passcard and supports all DS versions.

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